Friday, July 31, 2009

Technical Swimsuit Primer

John Leonard of American Swimming Coaches Association wrote a primer (click here) on the technical swimsuit issue that is currently creating a storm in the swimming world, especially among pool swimmers at the 2009 World Swimming Championships.

The issue in the open water swimming does not seem as large as in the pool, but this primer can be useful for individuals who may want to know the collective opinion of some of the leading swimming coaches in the world.

The American Swimming Coaches Association's board of directors includes many illustrious swimming coaches including Bill Rose (President), Richard Shoulberg (Vice President), Peter Daland, Jennifer Gibson, Peter Malone, David Marsh, Mark Schubert, Richard Shipherd, Jim Tierney, Bill Wadley, Tim Welsh, George Block and Eddie Reese.

Copyright © 2009 by World Open Water Swimming Association


Anonymous said...

Anyone knows if the new rules apply also for open water swimming? Just swimming with suits which end above the knee is not the right thing for open water swimming. Imagine swimming 10h with these straps hurting the muscles abouve the knee. Not a good idea

Steven Munatones said...

The same rules apply to open water and pool swimming. There is no difference. There were dozens of swimmers at the recent World Swimming Championships and many swimmers elsewhere who have swum with "jammers" (suits that end above the knee). We have heard of no specific complaints that the straps (?) hurt the muscles above the knees. Of course, in open water swimming, you can still wear the traditional textile suits of yesterday.