Friday, July 31, 2009

Double-duty In The Pool And Open Water

After pulling off one of the major upsets in open water swimming history in the women's 5K race at the 2009 World Swimming Championships and then following up with a 10K race the next day, Melissa Gorman of Australia finished 7th in the 1500-meter freestyle in the pool, dropping her time by 7 seconds.

Melissa's schedule was tough, but it may be tough to out-distance Kristel Kobrich at these World Championships.* After finishing 6th in the 5K and 8th in the 10K the next day, Kristel moved to the pool where she finished 4th in the 1500-meter freestyle and tied for 8th in the 800-meter freestyle today - meaning that she has to do a swim-off to qualify for the finals.

* Eva Fabian of the USA swam both the 10K and 25K at last week's world championships.

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