Monday, July 20, 2009

A Perspective In Reflection

We had discussions with Bruce Williamson, Team Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda delegation, at the 2009 FINA World Swimming Championships who asked, "Could swimming be the medium to unite the world?"

Bruce eloquently postulated the following answer:

"Water activities, organized by FINA, bring the world together every two years where the politics and economics of our sports, the culture and the needs of undeveloped, underdeveloped and developed countries are reviewed by the FINA Congress."

" Our sport, born of water, brings into focus the challenges against the elements of nature as a common factor to all participants. Challenges against time, endurance, resilience, speed set standards for others to the enhancement of humanity and not the destruction of ourselves."

"Despite facing many challenges at the FINA World Swimming Championships in Italy including the destruction of the start/finish pontoon by strong, unpredictable surf, the loss of the Omega Timing System and administrative inadequacies, FINA rebounded to let the Championships go on through the commitment and resourcefulness of its volunteers to the excitement of the world's spectators and the satisfaction of the athletes."

"Notwithstanding the difficulties the community of countries faced, we are happy to participate with smiles and new friends. Mission accomplished. Is this not the mission of uniting nations?"

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