Monday, July 20, 2009

Open Water Gladiators Ready To Go

The men's 5K field at the World Swimming Championships was revised for tomorrow's world championships in Ostia, Italy. The 42 competitors' race numbers are noted below for the 11:00 am start time.

Chad Ho, the youngest swimmer in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the age of 17, was typical of the men, "I am ready to go. I'm anxious to start."

His enthusiasm was echoed by one of the pre-race favorities and Olympic 10K Marathon Swim bronze medalist Thomas Lurz, "I feel good. I am ready. [The race course] looks good."

Televised live in Europe via Rai TV and covered live via Twitter with thousands more lining the beach, the attention paid to the open water gladiators will be plentiful.

1. Orei Jeffrey (ANT)
2. Kareem Valentine (ANT)
3. Andrew Beato (AUS)
5. Trent Grimsey (AUS)
10. Luis Rogerio Arapiraca (BRA)
12. Luiz Eduardo Lima (BRA
16. David Creel (CAN)
17. Philippe Dubreuil (CAN)
19. Kurt Niehaus (CRC)
22. Jakub Fichtl (CZE)
23. Jan Posmourny (CZE)
26. Esteban Enderica (ECU)
27. Ivan Enderica (ECU)
30. Francisco Jose Hervas (ESP)
31. Diego Nogueira Montero (ESP)
32. Loic Branda (FRA)
34. Julien Sauvage (FRA)
36. Richard Charlesworth (GBR)
39. Alfie Howes (GBR)
40. Thomas Lurz (GER)
42. Jan Wolfgarten (GER)
43. Antonios Fokaidis (GRE)
44. Spyridon Gianniotis (GRE)
45. Csaba Gercsak (HUN)
46. Gergely Gyurta (HUN)
52. Luca Ferretti (ITA)
53. Simone Ruffini (ITA)
54. Mohammed Jassim Alghareeb (KSA)
56. Daniel Delgadillo (MEX)
60. Andrew McMillan (NZL)
62. Daniel Viegas (POR)
63. Chad Ho (RSA)
64. Daniel Marais (RSA)
67. Evgeny Drattsev (RUS)
68. Vladimir Dyatchin (RUS)
71. Tomas Vachan (SVK)
74. Igor Snitko (UKR)
75. Kostiantyn Ukradyga (UKR)
76. Francis Crippen (USA)
77. Andrew Gemmell (USA)
80. Yvan Hernandez (VEN)
81. Angel Moreira (VEN)
82. Juan Prem Biere (GUA)

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