Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Open Water Swim Times In Ostia

FINA confirmed that Ostia Beach will be the location of the 5K, 10K and 25K world championship races. The updated times and days of the open water races are as follows:

Tuesday, July 21st
9:00 am start for the women's 5K
11:00 am start for the men's 5K

Wednesday, July 22nd
9:00 am start for the women's 10K
1:00 pm start for the men's 10K

Saturday, July 25th
9:00 am start for the men's 25K
9:10 am start for the women's 25K

These decisions were made as a result of careful consideration of the available live TV time slots, the significant investment that Ostia has made in producing the large beachfront Open Water Village, the anticipated wind conditions over the next several days and the number of athletes who double-up in either the 5K and 10K races or the 10K and 25K races.

The winds that caused the initial delays to the open water structures (see above) were measured at 35 kmh. The winds expected on the 21st and 22nd are forecasted at between 15-25 kph. But the winds are expected to pick up to 46 kph on July 23rd which would make an open water race impossible to hold.

Photos by Andrew Gemmell of the USA who is swimming the 5K on Tuesday and the 10K on Wednesday.

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