Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gary Emich Wins Fiji Fun

David Handley, director and founder of Fiji Swims, announced that the San Francisco legend Gary Emich won the randomly awarded Fiji Swims free open water swimming getaway prize.

If there is anyone who will appreciate swimming in Fiji, it is surely Gary who has done the following swims:

595 Alcatraz Island non-wetsuit crossings, the Rottnest Channel Swim, a Sydney Harbour swim, a Swim Around Key West relay, a Santa Barbara Channel relay, a Bay of Naples relay, a Tampa Bay Florida relay, a Boston Light relay, a Manhattan Island Marathon Swim relay, a Catalina Channel relay, a Strait of Gibraltar relay, a Loch Ness swim, an English Channel relay, in the Amazon River and in Lake Titicaca in Peru, as well as working as a swim guide for Swim Trek and for Baja Expeditions in Mexico.

Photos of Gary from his website, including him as a child (second from left) observing a shark onshore.

Note: we recommend visiting the Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions in Bondi, Australia between October 29th and November 15th as well in Cottesloe, Australia and Aarhus, Denmark.

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