Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Toughest 100 Races In The World

Peak 100 is conducting an online poll of the Toughest 100 Races in the World.

These are unbelievably difficult challenges, all around the world both on land and in water, that requires physical exertion, mental toughness and emotional fortitude.

In the original list of 100 events - many of which involve water (e.g., triathlons, canoe racing), the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim (listed as #21), the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (listed as #36), the Coastal Crawl 10K Swim (listed as #48), the Nike Swim Miami 10K (listed as #57), the 10K Golden Gate Bridge Swim (listed as #64), the 32K Traversee internationale du lac St-Jean (listed as #72), the Big Swim in Australia (listed as #75), the Horsetooth 10K Open Water Swim (listed as #76) are the only pure open water swimming events.

Vote and rank these events here.

Although these races are difficult, we would have personally included the Oceans Seven that comprise of seven of the toughest channel swims in the world: (1) the cold-water, jellyfish-strewn Irish Channel (between Ireland and Scotland), (2) the rough and treacherous Cook Strait (between the North and South Islands of New Zealand), (3) the wildly rough and shark-filled Molokai Channel (between Oahu and Molokai Islands in Hawaii), (4) the iconic English Channel, (5) the challenging Catalina Channel, (6) the continental-crossing Strait of Gibraltar and (7) the relatively unknown Tsugaru Channel (between the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido in Japan).

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