Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eva Fabian And Poliana Okimoto, Chilly In Chile

Down in Puerto Varas y Santiago, FINA World Cup champion Poliana Okimoto and American Eva Fabian have been trying to stay warm before a trio of races in Chile.

Jack Fabian, Eva's coach and father, reported from southern Chile, "It has been a very interesting experience. Our host, Adriano and all the people we have met, have been extremely nice. Poliana and her coach have been extremely kind to us and have helped translate for us. It has been wonderful to get to know her and her coach."

"Today is the first race in the lake. It is 58°F (14.4°C). Eva will compete in a relay and hoping to compete in the 2K race after. She swam in the lake today and managed to relax, but did agree it was cold. Eva and Poliana gave a swim clinic at the Hacienda Santa Martina Nature Club and Golf and then met with some local swimmers in Puerto Varas."

Over the weekend, they will compete in promotional races of 0.5K, 1K and 2K and the 10K Desafio Internacional Puerto Varas de Aguas Abiertas in located in relatively cool southern Chile (water temperature 17ºC (62.6ºF).

Poliana and Eva, the diminutive powerhouse swimmer from New Hampshire who came on very strongly at the end of the 2009 pro FINA World Cup circuit, are shown above in a promotional poster for their joint exhibition at Hacienda Santa Martina Nature Club and Golf. Despite the small stature of both women, they both have hearts of champions and are fearless whomever they race against.

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