Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Are Your Greatest Fears In The Open Water?

The World Open Water Swimming Association is running a public online poll on what are open water swimmers' greatest fears in the open water.

You can select up to three choices (see below) at the online poll at The Daily News of Open Water Swimming:

Comments and questions as well as experiences in the open water can be shared at headcoach@openwatersource.com.

1. Sharks
2. Jellyfish/stingrays
3. Other marine life
4. Seaweed/kelp
5. Pollution
6. Waves/currents/tides
7. Cold water
8. Physical contact by competitors
9. Going off-course
10. Things I can't see in the water
11. Nothing
12. Everything
13. Not finishing
14. Not seeing the bottom
15. Goggles coming off
16. Vaseline/lanoline getting on goggles
17. Other (email alternatives to headcoach@openwatersource.com)

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