Friday, October 9, 2009

A Group Solo Swim In The Baltic Sea

Glen Christiansen reported that 13 swimmers from USG Copenhagen crossed the 21.8K Fehrman Sound between Denmark and Germany in 6 hours and 38 minutes as a group. Glen said, "It is a great accomplishment and I feel very proud of them. I envy them for having the courage to challenge this Sound, a distance that I have travelled in the comfort of sailing of a ferry that crosses in 45 minutes."

The water temperature was 17°C, the waves were as high as 2.5 meters at times which caused many of the swimmers to get seasick. The group swam together and always swam at the pace of the slowest swimmer, which was not always the same person throughout the group solo swim.

Fehmarn (Danish: Femern) is an island in the Baltic Sea, off the eastern coast of Germany.

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