Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Water Swimmers Traveling The Globe

This is expedition swimming at its best: SwimTrek offers unique open water swimming holiday tours around the world.

SwimTrek, founded by Simon Murie, exists to provide fun-filled and challenging open water swimming trips where like-minded athletes come together to explore off exotic aquatic playgrounds.

Brad Andersen provided the following quotes from swimmers in SwimTrek's recent Egyptian Red Sea Winter Safari where swimmers were enthralled with stunning stretches along the Red Sea's coral coast in the Sinai region of Egypt. Swimming parallel to the shore, the swimmers gazed upon the harsh red mountains to the north and the distant shorelines of Saudi Arabia to the south.

"There is amazing sea life. I want every pool to have a coral reef bottom. One could swim forever as the sea life is spectacular."

"It was my first open water swim and I loved every minute, even though I was terrified. John and Lizzie were incredibly supportive and made the transition from pool to sea as painless as possible. This trip helped me to raise money for Insulin Dependant Diabetes Trust."

"It was a marvellous trip, great fun, wonderful swims in warm water, and we all learnt so much from the coaching sessions."

"SwimTrek really does take you to places other holidays can't reach, swimming in waters you would never get in otherwise. It's such an inspired idea and fantastic adventure."

Each SwimTrek tour is different with different goals, from short escapes, 2-3 day weekend get-togethers, to week-long marathon training tours where really serious athletes can really focus on intensive training sessions.

All swims are escorted under the watchful eye of experienced coaches and guides.

For a special holiday gift for passionate open water athletes of any ability and age, this kind of expedition swimming cannot be beat.

The SwimTrek itinerary for the Egyptian Red Sea Winter Safari is posted here with a map.

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