Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swimming On Top Of The World

SwimNetwork introduced Lewis Gordon Pugh's upcoming swim in a glacier lake at 17,000-feet altitude on Mt. Everest. Lewis' interview can be read here. His breathtaking adventure is a dramatic message - personalified with a daredevil swim - done by an astonishing individual.

Lewis' swim in the North Pole can be seen here:

Lewis' swim in the South Pole can be seen here:

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Skip Storch said...

“What a brave soul”.

Steven Munatones said...

Thank you for your comment. Not only does he have to swim at 17,000 feet which is an accomplishment in itself, but the water temperature is beyond anything but a handful of people are swimming in (Lynne Cox, Ram Barkai)- at sea level. He is putting himself in harm's way with the goal of helping mankind as a result. We truly wish him well.