Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Times At Tahoe

Among 126 relays and 13 soloists at this year's Trans Tahoe Relay, women had 3 of the 5 fastest times in the 11.5-mile race in 62-64˚F (16.6-17.7˚C) water.

The Trans Tahoe Relay of the top 5 men and women are as follows:

1. Jen Schumacher in 4 hours 27 minutes 32 seconds (swimming at a 23:16 per mile pace)
2. Emily Evans in 4:48:17 (25:04/mile)
3. Stephanie Moore in 4:50:30 (25:16/mile)
4. Audrey Ryder in 5:47:57 (30:15/mile)
5. Kate Howell in 6:14:07 (32:32/mile)

1. Kurt Baron in 4:25:19 (23:04/mile)
2. Gvietze Reuter in 4:51:36 (25:21/mile)
3. John Ennis in 5:07:18 (26:43/mile)
4. Dan Schumacher in 5:13:47 (27:17/mile)
5. Thomas Vilhauer in 5:32:18 (28:54/mile)

GPS image shows the actual course taken by Jen Schumacher who will be doing a charity swim across the Catalina Channel this week. The line down the middle indicates the border between the states of California and Nevada.

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