Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Hard-Core Open Water Coach

Gerry Rodrigues is one serious open water swimming coach.

Before his ocean practices at 6:00 am in Santa Monica at Tower 26, he sends his athletes a pre-workout report. Here is one example:

"We are expecting pristine conditions as it is forecasted to be sunny, warm water at 70-72˚F, low tide and little wind. With these conditions, all speeds and levels can attend once you can swim about 600 yards non-stop."

"Bring your water bottles as Prolong Energy, the Ultimate Endurance Fuel, will be pouring samples for you."

"Tomorrow's workout will be moderate intensive. We'll be working on buoy turns: positioning and approach into the turn, sighting the buoy, strategy when approaching buoy turns, how to turn and exiting the turn. There's just been too much 'soft peddling' at the buoy turn as I observed from Wednesday's speed circuit workout with people stopping or just hanging out at the turn."

"As usual we'll run several circuits with two buoys in organized groupings after the structured warm-up."

"Friday's forecast is 1-2 feet surf with fair conditions every 12 seconds, south-southwest surf direction, tide is coming off a 5:00 am low tide, rising to high tide by 11:15 am (i.e., LESS swimming because the water is LOWER on the beach), wind speed is 3-4 knot NNW (i.e., mild wind conditions, so it should be similar to Wednesday's speed circuit, with a bit lower tide)."

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