Monday, August 3, 2009

Generosity Rewarded With Selfishness

In Rome at the 2009 World Swimming Championships, a large inventory of blueseventy swimsuits were stolen from the pool area.

blueseventy and other swimsuit manufacturers were asked by FINA to provide their swimsuits for free to all athletes in the spirit of providing a level playing field at the world championships.

We saw first-hand how blueseventy handed out free swimsuits not only at the pool where swimsuits were a major issue, but also at the open water swimming venue where no such fuss was made.

FINA asked all the swimsuit manufacturers to have a minimum of 400 swimsuits available to the athletes at the World Swimming Championships. blueseventy brought 700 swimsuits to hand out to swimmers of all nations and abilities. Unfortunately for blueseventy, its valuable inventory of swimsuits and other gear were stolen - and meant for the athletes.

It is always a shame to see generosity rewarded with selfishness.

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