Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee

Today, the FINA Bureau announced its Committees, Commissions and Panels for the 2009-2013 quadrennial. Benefitting from the tremendous work of FINA's past Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, which guided the sport to the Olympics and helped launch a new era of growth, the new Committee has plenty of momentum and numerous issues to address.

The new FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee Chairman is Ronnie Wong Man Chui of Hong Kong (shown above in yellow shirt), the Vice Chairman is Jorge Delgado Panchana of Ecuador (shown in red shirt), the Honorary Secretary is Flavio Bomio of Switzerland and the FINA Bureau Liaison is Dennis Miller of Fiji.

Committee members include Zouhier El Moufti of Morocco, Tomas Haces German of Cuba, Steven Munatones of the USA, Professor Khwaja Aziz of Bangladesh, Valerijus Belovas of Lithuania, Samuel Greetham of Great Britain, Andrea Prayer of Italy, Noam Zvi of Israel, John West of New Zealand, Hatem Seifallah Ibrahim of Egypt, Beltran Washington of Uruguay and Shelley Taylor-Smith of Australia with Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria as the Athlete's Representative.

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