Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thank You For Your Vision And Hard Work

Yesterday, Nory Kruchten of Luxembourg (on right), the FINA Bureau liaison of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee, chaired an opening meeting among the 41 countries that have sent their best open water swimmers to Italy for the 2009 World Swimming Championships.

Nory shared some of his thoughts over the last eight years, a period of remarkable growth in the sport:

"It has been a fantastic time, together with my fellow committee members. We reached the Olympics and we will continue making great steps in the future. We can still move forward."

"From the first FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships in Honolulu to the Olympic 10KM Marathon Swim, the sport has really developed."

To Nory and all the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee members, including Chairman Sid Cassidy (USA) (on left above), Vice Chairman Ronnie Wong Man Chui (Hong Kong), Honorable Secretary Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia), Valerijus Belovas (Lithuania), Flavio Bomio (Switzerland), Alan Clarkson (Great Britain), Jorge Delgado Panchana (Ecuador), Dr. Mohie Wahid Farid (Egypt), Paulo Frischknecht (Portugal), Tomas Haces German (Cuba), Dennis Miller (Fiji) and Vladimir Srb (Czech Republic), we extend our sincerest gratitude to your vision and hard work over the years.

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Ahelee said...

AND the PR efforts and this open water swim news blog by Steve Munatones...

Many thanks for keeping all of us - so very much in the loop of this exciting piece of our sport Steve!

Anonymous said...

I second that, living in Australia we are often left out of what is happening in the Open Water Swimming World. 10Swimmer has become my home page, and look forward on coming home from training and being able to read up to date news on the rest of the OWS world. Thanks Steve