Friday, July 17, 2009

Extensive TV Coverage Of Open Water

Europe will enjoy live start-to-finish high-definition television coverage of the 5K, 10K and 25K open water events at the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome Rai TV. This is unprecedented coverage of the sport of open water.

There will be 7 cameras filming at Ostia Beach: covering the races onshore, on the water and from the air.

In the US, Universal Sports will also broadcast and webcast pool swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming.

Fans in the US can enjoy Universal Sports' 5-10 minute recap of the 5K, 10K and 25K open water races. The recap will air nightly on Universal Sports' TV programming starting Sunday, July 19th.

Additionally, the same open water coverage will be made available online VOD after it airs on TV as well as covered live via Twitter (

Enjoy the TV broadcast, the online webcast and the live tweets.

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