Thursday, June 11, 2009

Veterans vs. Newcomers in Ft. Myers National Championships

Olympic 10K marathon swimmers Chloe Sutton (shown on left with Kirsten Groome) and Mark Warkentin (shown below with President Bush) will be the star athletes at Sunday's joint USA Swimming and Swimming Canada's world swimming championship trials.

The two Olympians certainly have plenty of international open water swimming experience to fall back upon.

Kirsten Groome and Joe Kinderwater are two other contenders who will also most definitely be in the mix and who may push the pace along with Chloe and Mark.

However, the American field appears to be wide open and it will be interesting to see what newcomers will break through and be selected to represent the USA and Canada in Rome for the 2009 World Swimming Championships.

Emily Brunemann, Emily Hanson, Christian Sprang and Adam DeJong of Club Wolverine are among the several newcomers, including all of the members of the USA Swimming national open water camp, who will be pushing the veterans.

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