Monday, June 29, 2009

Cross-over Move - Open Water Swimming Word Of The Day

Cross-over move (noun): A move by one swimmer over the ankles, knees, upper legs or lower back of another swimmer during a race in order to change direction or move to the other side of the swimmer in front. The move can be performed by swimming over the opponent in the normal freestyle stroke or by rolling over on one's back and doing a stroke or two of backstroke over the legs of the opponent.

However, if the swimmer impedes the forward momentum of another swimmer while making the cross-over move, a yellow card or disqualification may be called by the referee. The swimmer in back made a quick cross-over move during the race and was able to shift into a better position for the turn. Synonyms: cross-over stroke.

Excerpt from the World Open Water Swimming Association (2009 English edition). Copyright © 2009 by World Open Water Swimming Association

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