Friday, June 5, 2009

Open Water Swim Volunteers Extraordinaire

The Manhattan Island Marathon Swim is tomorrow and an incredible fact has surfaced: for every swimmer participating in the race, there are a total of 8 volunteers helping out in the water. From escort boat pilots and race referees to kayakers and paddlers, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim is one of the rare open water swims where the volunteers far outnumber the athletes.

If the swim is cancelled or postponed for any reason during the race (e.g., lightening), the support crew notes the GPS location in their race log when they are informed of the postponement or cancellation. If the race is resumed, then the swimmer returns to the exact location noted in the race logo according to the GPS.

The expected average water temperature tomorrow will be between 62-63°F (16.6-17.2°C). Follow the race live at Twitter at

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