Monday, June 15, 2009

Luca Ferretti Protects His Turf In The Surf

Luca Ferretti and Simone Ruffini of Italy finished 1-2 at the 5K LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup in Isola del Giglio in Italy this weekend. Brian Ryckeman of Belgium, Diego Nogueira of Spain and Simone Ercoli of Italy finished third, fourth and fifth respectively.

On the women's side, Spain's Yurema Requena, a Olympic marathon swimmer (shown on left), beat Alice Franco of Italy and Jana Pechanova of the Czech Republic for the top spot.

The top 3 times for the men and women were as follows:

1. Luca Ferretti, 47:23.0
2. Simone Ruffini, 47:31.7
3. Brian Ryckeman, 47:32.1

1. Yurema Requena, 51:02.6
2. Alice Franco, 51:06.0
3. Jana Pechanova, 51:07.3

The LEN Open Water Swimming Cup continues in Porec, Croatia on July 5th, in Hoorn, The Netherlands on August 2nd, in Navia, Spain on August 8th and in Marmaris-Mugla in Turkey on September 5-6.

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