Friday, May 15, 2009

Strong Field Swimming Around New York

The famous Manhattan Island Marathon Swim will be held on June 6th with a particularly strong field. Penny Palfrey is one of the favorites and will headline an international field of stalwart swimmers.

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Anonymous said...

What is this a press release for the one swimmer you mention???? Please, it is going to be a great race and the first person to finish is the winner, not the one who sends out the press releases.

Take a look at the entire field. Re-write your posting and add John van Wisse. He won against Penny by 5 minutes in 2008 while nursing a double hernia. He also won in 2000.

Steven Munatones said...

John did indeed win in dramatic and heroic fashion last year. without an injury, he may swim away from the field this year. However, this is an independently written blog and it has been our observation over the years that when a marathon swimmer does a tough marathon swim like Penny did in Hawaii, then they are typically tough competition. But we will be happy to write about John if he provide us detailed information to We look forward to the race.