Thursday, May 28, 2009

Modern-Day Communications in the Open Water World

NYC Swim will host its signature race, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim next Saturday, June 6th.

It will welcome swimmers from all over the globe to complete a circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan.

Providing an incredible level of service and expertise, the NYC Swim staff prepares a series of webinars and teleconferences for its athletes, their coaches and the escort boat pilots, crew members, kayakers, documentary videographers and volunteers. Their utilization of modern technology - where everyone registers online to participate - ensures the global group of open water swimming enthusiasts are well-informed on up-to-date and accurate information ranging from race rules to safety.

We salute the NYC Swim staff and volunteers who help make this great event what it is today.

No detail - however trivial - seems to escape NYC Swim that provides an amazing amount of information to its athletes and their support teams. These details even include recommendations on hand signals between athletes and support teams to use during the race. In a race that can range between 8-10 hours in highly trafficked waters, these details are extremely useful.

Photo by Scott Dunn of a recent NYC Swim swim.


Binza said...

Steve - will there be live coverage of the swim anywhere -- particularly on the web?

Steven Munatones said...

Yes, I will Twitter from the lead boat throughout the race in great detail. Go to Spread the word.