Friday, May 29, 2009

LEN's Position Statement on Technical Swimsuits

The following statement was made by LEN as a result of its Bureau Meeting held in Greece on May 15-16 regarding the continuing development and use of new technical swimsuit models:

• LEN follows FINA Rules and Regulations (LEN General Event Rule E 1.2) and will therefore prohibit the use of new generation swimsuits that are not on FINA’s regularly updated list of approved models at LEN Events.

• The current list of ratified European Records will stand as they are, but from this moment on, all European Record applications must specify what single swimsuit model the swimmer was wearing at the time of the potential European Record performance.

• At the European Junior Swimming Championships to be held in Prague from July 8th to 12th of 2009, we emphasize that all swimmers will be controlled at a dedicated call room before competing, and if they wear a new generation suit that is not on FINA’s list of approved models, they will not be allowed to swim.

• LEN has consulted its member federations regarding limitations in the use of this new technology by junior and younger age-group swimmers in order to be informed on the current regulatory situation in each country, and to contribute to establishing a collaborative front and framework to protect our swimmers in the formative stages of their careers.

This means that the open water swimmers soon to compete in the 10K LEN Open Water Swimming Cup in Eilat, Israel will definitely not be able to wear any technical swimsuit that is not approved by FINA.

Photo shows Olympic 10K Marathon Swim bronze medalist Cassandra Patten of Great Britain. Note: this photos does not imply that Cassandra is wearing a non-approved swimsuit; it was taken at the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere in September 2008.

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