Monday, April 27, 2009

Pulling Double-Duty in the Pool and Open Water

On the day that Olympic champion Alain Bernard set a 100-meter freestyle world record of 46.94 seconds in a new Jaked swimsuit, Chloe Sutton, America's 5K and 10K swim hopeful, showed off her new blazing speed in a traditional (i.e., non-buoyant) swimsuit at the Speedo Challenge in Irvine, California.

Chloe was interviewed by Dan Albano of the Orange County Register about her come-from-behind victory in the 200-meter freestyle final.

Rallying from third place over the last 50 meters, Chloe won in 2:00.89 which will put her in good stead against long-time undefeated world open water swimming champion Larisa Ilchenko who is renowned for her closing kick (shown on left in Beijing).

But, unlike Larisa, Chloe may be pulling double-duty in Rome like David Davies, Cassandra Patten and Keri-Anne Payne (shown on left) did in Beijing: competing in both the pool and 10K in Rome.

"I've just been dropping time like crazy," said Chloe to Dan.

"I'm really excited about putting on a fast suit eventually. I've just discovered a whole new way to train," she said. "My entire body-shape has completely changed from being a dumpy little girl. I feel so muscular and strong. I'm just so excited to see what I can do this summer."

Photo of Chloe Sutton shown in consultation with Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas by Colin A. Gift.

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