Thursday, April 2, 2009

Open Water Swimming in the Desert

DCB Adventures organizes five open water swims, called the Arizona Open Water Swim Series, held near the city of Phoenix which is in the middle of Arizona, one of the hottest, driest areas of North America.

DCB Adventures offers USA Swimming, US Masters Swimming and XTERRA Wetsuits divisions as well as a five-event series championship in three different lakes throughout the state.

The events are in Saguaro Lake (shown on left) at the Key Hole Recreation Area on May 2nd, in Lake Pleasant, along with the Tribal Sprint Triathlon on June 6th, back to Saguaro Lake on September 19th, returning to Lake Pleasant at the Pleasant Harbor Marina on October 17th, and culminating in Tempe Town Lake on November 8th.

Each event in the five-part series offers a choice of 2K (1.2 miles) or 4K distances (2.4 miles). "Our beautiful state offers some of the best recreational lakes in the country and we look forward to hosting swimmers from all over the US who are looking to extend their open water swimming season from spring to late fall," said June Hussey, Open Water Chair for Arizona Masters.

Lake Pleasant is 45 minutes from downtown Phoenix and has over 10,000 acres of fresh, clear blue water that flows in from the Agua Fria River flowing from the north cool country of Northern Arizona. Saguaro Lake is 40 miles northeast of Phoenix and is named for the saguaro cactus (shown on left). Tempe Town Lake is next to Arizona State University and is a two-mile lake constructed out of a dry riverbed and is home to more than 2,000 rowers and 100 annual events.

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