Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amazing Feel-Good Factor at the Queenie Festival

The Isle of Man holds a series of ocean swims during its Queenie Festival. Recently, Olympic 10K Marathon Swim silver medalist David Davies visited the Isle of Man to encourage others to take part in the Scallop Shell Swims in June and July.

The Isle of Man holds a series of ocean swims during its Queenie Festival is an annual event held to celebrate one of the Island’s local seafood, the Queen Scallop, or as it’s more commonly known on the Isle of Man, the Queenie.

The Scallop Shell Swims will have three events between 0.5K and 1.6K with or without wetsuits. David talks about the elite world of open water swimming, "It's not for the faint-hearted. It's hard work, but the feel-good factor, the sense of self-satisfaction, is amazing."

Scallop Shell Swims organizer Mark Gorry comments, "The idea behind the swims is to encourage people to have a go at swimming in our idyllic bays, from club swimmers and triathletes to anyone who has ever looked out across the sea on a sunny afternoon and thought it looked inviting, but just needs a little encouragement. The weekday events are set in the evening to allow people to come down after work, while the final event is on the Sunday afternoon of the Tynwald bank holiday weekend, with beach-based fun events as well. We're also interested in encouraging those who fancy a new challenge, and are more than happy if people want to take part to raise funds for local charities."

Photo shows David Davies at the end of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

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