Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winning Gold Begins on Treasure Island

It might be a stretch, but NCAA Swimmer of the Year Dana Vollmer may kick-started her victorious NCAA championship season in Fiji.

As Dana won the 100 freestyle and anchored the winning relay to lead Cal-Berkeley to its first team title at the NCAA Women's Championships in her home state of Texas, we recall that Dana got her batteries rejuiced at the Fiji Swims before this year's collegiate season began.

Dana cruised in the stunningly gorgeous Fiji Swims, relaxing with 7 Olympians from 3 different countries, including Shane Gould, Allison Wagner and Murray Rose. Dana swam the 18K relay (made up of 5 Californians) and the 2.7K Beachcomber Island Race, both which finished on Treasure Island (shown here).

Every victorious swim begins with the first stroke.

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