Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Swimming Upstate in Louisiana

The Upstate Louisiana Open Water Clinic & Swim in Louisiana, organized by Bill Cleveland (shown on left onshore), will highlight two well-known open water stars - one specialist in FINA 5K and 10K swims and another specializing in marathon and channel swims.

Kirsten Groome, one of USA Swimming's brightest open water stars, and Marcia Cleveland, one of the leaders and influence-makers of the sport, will headline an open water clinic before the May 31st competition in Stonewall, Louisiana that will feature 1K (0.6 miles), 2K (1.2 miles), 3K (1.8 miles) and 5K (3.1 miles) races.

Kirsten (shown on left) won the 2008 USA Swimming national 10K championships and a 2007 FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup in Canada and competed in the 2006 and 2008 World Swimming Championships.

Marcia Cleveland is an open water swimming author, speaker and administrator based on her years of success as an English Channel, Manhattan Island and Lake Michigan swimmer.

Marcia and Kirsten will headline the all-day clinic both at a local pool where swimmers will be video-taped underwater and at Fox Glen Lake where swimmers will be taught a variety of breathing, turns, sighting, water entry/exit and pack swimming techniques.

The open water clinic will take place in the same location - Fox Glen Lake - as the race. The water temperature is expected to be 78° - 82°F.

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