Thursday, March 26, 2009

All for One and One for All in the Irish Channel

The Irish (North) Channel is 35K (18.6 miles) of cold water between Ireland and Scotland. Heavy seas, cold water (12-14°C or 54ºF), thunderstorms, jellyfish, strong currents and overcast skies await any challenger. To date, 16 successful crossings have been made, including 13 solo swims by 9 swimmers and 6 relays.

The relays include Ireland one that successfully crossed in August 1990, the City of Liverpool Relay (August 1993 crossing), the City of Dublin Relay (June 1996 crossing), the California Team (August 1999 crossing - shown above), the City of Liverpool (August 2002 crossing) and the 3-person City of Derry Relay (in July 2004). Bangor Boat posted a well-deserved tribute to these relay swimmers:

Bangor Boat also posted a well-deserved tribute to the solo swimmers:

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