Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nike Swim Miami Preparations for Rome

The 2009 World Swimming Championships will be held in Rome between July 18th to August 2nd. The men’s and women’s 5K race is on July 19th; the women’s 10K race is on July 21st, the men’s 10K is on July 22nd; the women’s 25K race is on July 24th and the men’s 25K race is on July 26th.

The qualification race for the American and Canadian teams will be jointly held in Ft. Myers, Florida on June 14th.

In preparation for that all-important qualification race in Florida, several top contenders from around the U.S., the Caribbean and South America are planning to compete in the Nike Swim Miami on April 25th. The Nike Swim Miami will be the only highly competitive 10K race in the U.S. before the joint American-Canadian World Championship Selection Meet.

Ashley Whitney, an Olympic gold medalist from the 1996 Olympics, is expected to be among the top swimmers in Miami. Ashley (shown on left) is a 2009 National Team member based on her 4th place finish at the 2008 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships in Minneapolis. Ashley will be pushed in the warm waters of the Nike Swim Miami by Eva Fabian, the dynamo from Greenwood Memorial Swim Club.

At the June World Championship Selection Meet, Ashley and Eva will face veterans Chloe Sutton and Kirsten Groome for the coveted world championship team slots.


Ahelee said...

So there is a little "NIKE $$" flowing in to swimming still? Or maybe this is an older sponsorship package playing out to the finish...

Anonymous said...

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