Sunday, December 21, 2008

Looking Forward to the 2009 World Championships

Shelley Clark, a highly ranked pro marathon swimmer from Newcastle, Australia, recently summed up the excitement of open water swimming on the BLK1 website. "One thing that I love is that open water swimming is very dynamic. No two races are ever going to be the same," said Shelley to Ellen Crosley. "Every race, no matter where it is, because of changing conditions and different locations, will be a challenge- whether I’m swimming two kilometers or sixty kilometers."

Shelley, who won pro marathon swims as far as 48K (29.8 miles), gave some insight into the potential dangers faced by open water swimmers here. Currently, she is training 80K every week plus an intense dryland program in her preparations for the 2009 World Swimming Championships.

Photo from BK1’s website taken by BLK1’s Peter Sollner who was awarded Top International Fashion Photographer - “Outdoors” for 2008.

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