Friday, December 5, 2008

Golden Oldie

It is rumored that FINIS will be coming out with some very exciting open water swimming products in 2009, but FINIS is still selling the best-selling Open Water Swimming DVD of all time, simply and aptly called Open Water Swimming – Skills, Techniques & Racing Tips.

The Open Water Swimming DVD was produced by Endurance Films in conjunction with open water swimming experts Gerry Rodrigues of the UCLA Bruins Masters, and Michael Collins of the Novas Masters Swimming, who were both US Masters Swimming Coach of the Year.

Rodrigues says of the video, “It was made 10 years ago, but it does cover the basics on drafting, land starts, and exits, sighting and navigation, and ‘dolphining’. Great for beginners who are now getting into open water swimming, no matter what their swimming ability; perfect for triathletes.”

Glenn Mills of says, “This DVD offers advice for every level of competitor - novice to elite - and will help make open water swims less intimidating and more enjoyable - even exhilarating.”

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