Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebration of Channel Crossings in 2008

Although the 2008 season is not over for those in the Southern Hemisphere, the channel crossing season is over for those channel swimmers in the Northern Hemisphere. During 2008, the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation saw 24 solo swimmers and 3 relay teams successfully cross. Results can be seen here.

The Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association saw 11 solo swimmers successfully cross the four different channels between the California coast and the islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz. Additionally, four relays crossed the 42K (26 miles) channel during the 6x6 Santa Barbara Channel Relay race and 40 swimmers did a mass relay in the 42K (26 miles) Big Swim. Emilio Casanueva, Executive Director and a nominee for the World Open Water Swimming Male of the Year put together a typically visually graphic and detailed report for the 2008 crossings that can be seen here.

Photos and details of the celebration of the English Channel crossings sanctioned by the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation can be seen here on Paul Hopfensperger’s blog.

Information from other organizations and channels are forthcoming.

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