Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rottnest Channel Swim Entry Deadline

The 19.2K Rottnest Channel Swim is one of the world's greatest open water swims. Since 1991, over 16,500 people (including 705 solos) have successfully crossed the Rottnest Channel that sits off the coast of western Australia near Perth. The event has grown so much that the organizing committee had to put limits on the number of participants via an online lottery system.

Online entry applications for the 2009 WAtoday Rottnest Channel Swim will only be open until November 10th for solo swimmers and until November 9th for teams and duos. With swimmers coming from all over Australia, the U.K., America, Japan, South Africa, India and Ireland, time is running out!

One of the innovative changes that have been instituted over the years are compulsory gates placed at the 10K, 15K and at Phillip Rock that swimmers must swim through to avoid disqualification.

Another innovation is the Virtual Rottnest Channel Swim, an event that is conducted in various pools in Australia on the same day as the WAtoday Rottnest Channel Swim. The Virtual Rottnest Channel Swim is ideal for swimmers who cannot participant on race day, do not wish swim in the ocean but enjoy distance swimming, cannot obtain an escort boat for the swim, or missed the entry cutoff date.

Clever. Very clever and a great way to increase the reach of the WAtoday Rottnest Channel Swim.

Photos from the WAtoday Rottnest Channel Swim website.

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