Monday, November 3, 2008

Rice Sweeps...Battles Wins

Rice University and Brittany Massengale replicated their championship form in the 2nd Annual ASA Open Water Swimming Collegiate National Championships in Lake Travis, Texas this weekend.

Massengale, Nicole Delaloye and Karen Gerken went 1-2-3 to pace Rice University to their second straight women's title ASA Open Water Swimming Collegiate National Championships. Rice won with 57 points, followed by Trinity University with 6 points and C.W. Post - Long Island University with 4 points and finished 3rd.

Andrew Battles, a freshman from Colleyville, Texas led Trinity University to the the men's national title. Like the Rice Owls, Trinity swimmers have plenty of open water swimming experience. Several Trinity swimmers had competed in the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim in the Virgin Islands last month.

The top 5 female and male swimmers were as follows:

1. Brittany Massengale (23) Rice, 57:32
2. Nicole Delaloye (18) Rice, 1:00:12
3. Karen Gerken (19) Rice, 1:00:29
4. Alison Godbe (18) Rice, 1:01:18
5. Louise Giliga (18) Rice, 1:01:30

1. Andrew Battles (18) Trinity, 1:00:07
2. Jeffrey Lubinski (18) Trinity, 1:02:46
3. Christopher Cavin (19) Trinity, 1:03:52
4. Nick Lilly (18) Trinity, 1:03:55
5. Alex Miranda (18) Trinity 1:04:40

Photos of the Rice and Trinity winning swim teams provided by Sandy Neilson-Bell.

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