Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leading Open Water Swimming in the Americas

The official English-language website of the Union Americana de Natacion (Amateur Swimming Union of the Americas) is here. The Spanish-language page is here, is here.

The Union Americana de Natacion (U.A.N.A.) is a FINA-recognized sports organization with responsibilities in pool swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, masters swimming and open water swimming in the Western Hemisphere.

There is an esteemed group of individuals who are on the Open Water Swimming Committee. These 10 individuals are passionate, knowledgeable and collectively have over 200 years of open water swimming experience:

Tomás Haces (CUB), President
Chantal Van Keekin Frederiik (SUR), Secretary
Rick Walker (USA), member
Pierre Lafontaine (CAN), member
Fernando Madrigal (CRC), member
Milton Toral (ECU), member
Mario Rodriguez (PUR), member
Dennis Ryther (USA), member
Victor Tapia (ECU), member
Jose Ismael Gonzalez (GUA), member

Photo of Pierre Lafontaine from the Team Aquatic Supplies website.

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