Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ederle Swim's Sole Survivor / Winner

The sole finisher/survivor/winner of the 2008 17.5-mile Ederle Swim from New York City to New Jersey was Lance Ogren. Ogren's courageous 5 hour 20 minute battle against the elements was eloquently described on the Manhattan Island Foundation website. Ogren faced a postponed start, high winds, cold water (upper 50°Fs), rough seas, ever-changing currents and boat traffic during his record-breaking swim.

Photo from the Manhattan Island Foundation website.

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Richard Clifford said...

Lance had a great day out there. Nothing short of amazing that he was able to finish. It was true swimming all the way. None of the swimmers wore wetsuits. I spent almost 4 hours in a kayak alongside David Blanke (Austin, TX), the second place swimmer, trying to catch Lance! - Richard