Saturday, November 15, 2008

2008 World Open Water Swimming Woman and Man of the Year

Voting for the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year and the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year continues.

Details of the 14 male nominees are posted here and of the 11 female nominees are posted here.

Last night at the European Parliament in Brussels, one of the nominees, Natalie du Toit of South Africa received Natalie du Toit won the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) Youth Leadership Award 2008. The award recognizes young leaders with an astonishing track record of performance and/or social responsibility.

IAHV selected Natalie because of her raw defiance in not giving up on her goals. "We admire her indomitable will and strong determination, and the fact that she has become a source of inspiration to the youth of her country," said Christoph Glaser, a member of the IAHV Board in Europe.

"It is a real honor to be representing South Africa and to receive this award, especially at this prestigious event which includes such esteemed delegates," says the always humble Natalie. "I would like to give a message to everyone: it is possible for everybody to achieve something. You don’t have to be the best singer but you can still write your song. I would also like to thank everyone for their support: the public in South Africa, the people close to me, everyone. Without teamwork these types of awards would not be possible. I feel that the coming months will be very special."

Natalie received the award at the Ethics in Business – Corporate Culture & Spirituality Conference at the European Parliament that brought together a diverse mix of politicians, academics, business and spiritual leaders to dialogue on the global financial crisis and its connection to ethics in business.

"This will be an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have learned many values and lessons and hope that many more people will have this opportunity in the future."

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