Saturday, October 25, 2008

Highland Lakes Challenge - Day Three

Day Three of the Highland Lakes Challenge was more of the same: big blue Texas skies, great open water swimming weather and Collis Williams in the lead.

The third stage saw the field reach the midpoint of their 5-day event with a 2-mile swim in Lake LBJ, named for American President Lyndon Johnson.

Williams continued his winning ways with a time of 42:39, slightly extending his lead over New Yorker Dave Barra (43:44) and race founder Keith Bell.

In the 3-day Weekend Warrior competition, Robert Alford won the first leg in 44:45.

Bell writes, "...the swims have been beautiful, we've have great weather, and it's been fun to be around the group of swimmers doing...the Highland Lakes Challenge."

MONSTER CHALLENGE: Cumulative Results after Day 3
1. Collis Williams (38), 3:33:42
2. Dave Barra (43), 3:44:36
3. Keith Bell (60), 3:46:41

Saturday’s Stage Four race, a 3-mile swim, will be held at Lake Marble Falls - see course map here.

Photo provided by Heather Kuhlken.

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