Sunday, October 26, 2008

Highland Lakes Challenge - Day Four

Day Four of the Highland Lakes Challenge was more of the same: big blue Texas skies, great open water swimming weather and Collis Williams extending his the lead in the Monster Challenge and Robert Alford protecting his lead in the Weekend Warrior Challenge.

"It doesn’t get any better than this," said Alford.

Stage Four’s 3-mile race was held in Lake Marble Falls, a 150-million-old Texan canyon, and highlighted by swimming under the Highway 281 Bridge. Seen from underneath, the bridge was an imposing site.

Williams maintained his lead in the Highland Lakes 5-day "Monster Challenge" while Alford maintained the lead in the Weekend Warrior competition.

MONSTER CHALLENGE Cumulative Results after Day 4

1. Collis Williams (38), 4:39:00
2. Dave Barra (43), 4:52:30
3. Keith Bell (60), 4:55:17

The final Stage Five race is a 3-mile swim in Lake Travis - see course map here.

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