Thursday, October 9, 2008

FINA Website Traffic During the Olympics

FINA, the governing body of water polo, pool swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and open water swimming, announced that 285,282 users visited the website almost 10,000 times per day during the month of August. During the peak days, the number of unique visits per day to its website was nearly 21,500.

During the 9 days of the pool swimming events in Beijing, from August 9-17, the FINA website registered 7,712,148 hits (or an average of 856,906 hits per day or 138,367 unique visits) in total.

The peak day for FINA website traffic was August 11, when America's Jason Lezak ran down Alain Bernard of the French team in the epic 400 freestyle relay. 21,000 visitors went to the FINA website.

During the two days of the open water swimming events in Beijing, the FINA website had 742,430 hits on the day Larisa Ilchenko won the women's Olympic 10K Marathon Swim and 738,912 hits when Maarten van der Weijden won the men's Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

10KSwimmer makes two observations of this FINA website data:

1. The new Olympic sport of open water swimming was only slightly less popular than the glamour sport of pool swimming: 856,906 hits per day vs. 740,671 hits per day on average.

2. Ilchenko wins in a website traffic comparison over the men.

Photo of Ilchenko in Singapore with Valerio Cleri by Shelley Taylor-Smith.

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