Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bronze Medalist Going For Gold in the Bay

Olympic 10K bronze medalist Thomas Lurz reflected on his Olympic performance in Beijing before the upcoming Tiburon Mile in San Francisco Bay.

"I felt good on every loop," said Lurz of the four-loop course in Beijing. "The average speed was fast so that was good. Around the last turn buoy, I was thinking, 'Now the race really begins'. The finish was a little hard to see and David Davies and I went to the right. Maarten [van der Weijden] had a straight line and swam well. We gave everything. I am happy to medal."

When asked what the future holds, Lurz replied, "I am 28 [years old) so we will see what will come in the future."

After the Olympics, Lurz swam at the European Open Water Swimming Championships in Croatia and the Great North Swim before arriving in San Francisco for the RCP Tiburon Mile. "I am looking forward to this event, but also to looking for a break soon."

"The RCP Tiburon Mile is a very nice and interesting race. A 1-mile swim is short. Because it is only one mile, the pool swimmers will be fast. If the race was longer, the open water swimmers would have an advantage. It will be a good race."

Photo of Thomas Lurz after his 10K victory at the European Open Water Swimming Championships taken by Giorgio Scala of Deep Blue Media.

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