Saturday, September 27, 2008

Documentation of a Channel Crossing

Christopher Roberts, a 37-year-old MIT engineer living in Orange County, became the 157th person to successfully cross the Catalina Channel.

Like many channel swimmers, Roberts had to overcome less-than-desirable conditions and had to face swimming at night before swimming in the beauty of the morning.

For the benefit of others who will attempt the Catalina Channel in the future, Roberts and his experienced crew of Jim Fitzpatrick, Ahelee Osborn, John Steed, Jen Schumacher, Lynn Kubasek, Ron Roberts, Jordon Roberts, Jan Roberts and Dave Clark, documented his effort in a wonderful, easy-to-appreciate visual manner. Roberts's effort across the Catalina Channel can be seen here.

Roberts' blog carefully documents in order his night start, the beauty of the early morning hours, the mind-numbing miles in the deep and his unprecedented arrival on the rocky California coast.

Congratulations to Roberts and his visual documentation of his successful channel crossing.

All photos from Roberts' site.

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Ahelee said...

Thank you for posting up Chris's Catalina Swim Steve! The pilot and official observers both said the conditions were tougher than they had seen in many years.

Proof that we can not always judge a great swim by the finish time.

Chris Roberts had an epic swim and I was very proud and in awe to watch him accomplish the 13 hours and 50 minutes swim to the California shore.