Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crossing Galore in the Catalina Channel

A total of 152 solo swimmers have crossed the Catalina Channel since it was first swum in 1927. The busiest year to date was 2006 when a total of 13 swimmers were successful.

In August 2008 alone, 11 swimmers from 3 nations have already successfully crossed the Catalina Channel: Emily Evans, Kate Howell, Stephen Junk, Rendy Lynn Opdycke, Michelle Davidson tandem with Nancy Steadman-Martin, Pieter Christian Jongeneel Anderica, Sabrina Buselt-Carlon, David Galli, Erica Moffett and Michelle Deasy.

If you wish to become an official observer or kayaker, you can contact Paula Selby at The season is still underway with at least another 12 swim attempts scheduled for September and October.

The last time the Catalina Channel was this busy was in 1984. One week after the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation organized an international channel crossing race, won by John York, with swimmers from Egypt, England, Czechoslovakia and the U.S.

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