Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cayman Island Open Water Swims

Another large crowd came out for the 24th Annual Foster’s Sea Swim which was won by defending champion Seiji Groome in 10:31. The Foster's Food Fair Sea Swim is one of the open water races on the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association’s (CIASA) Open Water Sea Swim Calendar.

122 swimmers started the race on stunningly beautiful Governor's Beach and swam along the Seven Mile Beach coast on Grand Cayman Island.

The next race on the calendar will be the Zulu 2–mile sea swim on October 4th. Other competitive open water swims organized by the CIASA include the 22nd Annual Cable & Wireless 800-meter Swim in April, the Cayman National Bank Cayman Brac 800-meter Swim in April, the 7th Annual Butterfield Bank 800-meter in May, 17th Annual Flowers 1-Mile in June, 20th Annual CUC 800-meter in October, the 28th Pirate’s Week 5K in November and the 3rd Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association 10K in November.

Dale Neuburger, Vice President of FINA, recognized the CIASA as having developed the most improved competitive swimming program in the Americas. And, the CIASA's development has continued unabated since Neuburger announced that admirable designation in 2002.

Upper photo of Seiji Groome taken by Michael Yates of the Caymanian Compass, the Cayman Islands' leading newspaper.

Middle photo shows Dan DeMarco after winning the 2002 Pirate's Week 5K.

Lower photo shows the start of the 2008 Flowers Sea Swim.

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