Friday, August 29, 2008

A Clean Sport - Confirmed by FINA

FINA, the global governing body of pool swimming, open water swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming, announced today that it conducted a total number of 890 unannounced out-of-competition tests on 621 athletes from the five aquatic disciplines between January-July 2008

All tests were negative.

A related story on swimmers and drug allegations was previously posted here.

After observing Dara throughout her career, during the Olympic training camp and at the Olympics, it was clear to this writer that her success is based on her unparalleled focus, an innovative scientific approach, efficient stroke technique and world-class physical gifts.

"Dara is the fastest [female] swimmer in the water," says Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, USA Swimming’s Sports Science Director of Sports Science and the world’s leading expert on lactate testing. "She has great technique. We carefully analyzed Dara’s stroke at the US Olympic Training Center using the Swim Power device. After a detailed analysis of her technique, we made small adjustments in her technique before the Olympic Trials."

With unfounded rumors and speculation that Dara is taking drugs to enhance her performance, she is completely open to all current and future testing.

Dara not only has her urine tested frequently, but she has also volunteered to have her blood tested regularly.

"They can test me all they want," said Dara. Dara with confidence and a hint of frustration in her voice. "I need people to know I am clean. And, they keep my blood for years. They take five vials of blood each time and if there is some advanced analysis developed in the future, they can test my blood then."

With that kind of training regimen, focus and track record of success over 3 decades, it is understandable why Dara is breaking new ground for athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds…fairly and cleanly.

Photo of Dara Torres by Colin A Gift.

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