Friday, August 8, 2008

Chloe's Corner - Down the Straightaway

Chloe Sutton of the Mission Viejo Nadadores was asked a series of questions prior to departing for Beijing for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. Here are her first-person answers.

Q3. The straightaway finish at the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim is about 1000 meters from the last turn buoy. It is an easy-to-navigate straight-line shot from the turn buoy to the finish pads. What do you think about as you sprint down that straightaway in front of 37,000 fans?

A3. It will be such a thrill. It is in the last mile that the women are separated from the girls. In the beginning, I will stretch out my stroke. But, the crowds will get to me and it will be the most exciting thing in my life. I always have more adrenaline in the open water versus the pool. I have a long road ahead of me, but as Coach Rose, who is my personal coach and head coach of the Mission Viejo Nadadores, says“Happy swimmers swim fast.” And, I am pretty happy right now.

Photo of Chloe Sutton with Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas taken at the USA Olympic Swim Team training camp by Colin A Gift.

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