Thursday, July 24, 2008

Really Tough Olympian Workouts

During the post-race festivities at the stunningly gorgeous 18K Fiji Swims inter-island Relay, four generations of Olympic medalists were discussing their toughest workouts.

Shane Gould, Murray Rose, Dana Vollmer, and Allison Wagner shared great workout stories with hundreds of open water swimmers from Fiji, all over the South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

In our opinion, Wagner's 8000-meter individual medley workouts had to be one of the toughest main sets, both mentally and physically. "It was tough," said Wagner about the 8000 IMs in a long-course 50-meter pool. "But, we just did it and worked pretty hard."

Detailed information on the event, including race results and stunning photos shot by Gould, will be posted at Swimming World Magazine.

A pre-race article was posted in the local newspaper, the Fiji Times.

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